Juvenile Justice

Following are the key elements of the Civil Citation-Equal Justice Program:

  • Civil Citation-Equal Justice Program works to reduce the number of youth entering the Juvenile Justice System in the 13th Circuit for certain misdemeanor offenses occurring in school. It offers the option of a civil citation rather than arrest.
  • Funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice

Civil Citation-Equal Justice Program Helps with these Services:

  • Referral to family resources and community organizations that offer community service opportunities
  • Screening for other needed services

Following are the key elements of the Domestic Violence Intervention Program:

  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program coordinates access to mental health
  • services and support for youth who have committed a domestic violence offense. The goal is to teach new skills that replace, abusive and violent behavior, as well as conflict resolution.
  • Funded by the 13th Judicial Court
  • May be court ordered

Domestic Violence Intervention Program Helps with these Services:

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Triage
  • Case Management
  • Service Brokering
  • Family Support Planning
  • Drug and alcohol evaluations