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Leonard Shearer March Madness Youth Basketball

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The annual Leonard Shearer March Madness Youth Basketball Event rewards the hard work and commitment students across Hillsborough County with a day of basketball, friendship, recognition. See Tampa’s brightest and most talented students showcase their skills and teamwork on the basketball court. Off the court, discover their individual achievements with original artwork, essays, videos, and more. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event to cheer on and recognize the outstanding work of these students.

2020 Keynote Speaker

Johnny Crowder, Musician

Whether speaking at events or touring the world with his metal band, Prison, suicide/abuse survivor Johnny Crowder uses the stage as a platform to explore taboo topics like mental illness and sobriety. With a keen personal understanding of multiple diagnoses ranging from bipolar disorder and OCD to schizophrenia, Johnny is uniquely equipped to provide creative insight into the pains of hardship with levity and wit. Whether at home or touring, Johnny’s innovative work with Cope Notes provides daily mental health support to thousands of users across the globe.

Johnny Crowder

Our 2020 Sponsors

Spring Basketball Tournament 2021

Thank you to all our sponsors who made this year’s event possible!

  • Caspers Company / McDonald’s Restaurants
  • Mary Lee’s House
  • Columbia Restaurant
  • SED Network Region 6
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Success 4 Kids & Families, Inc.
  • The University of Tampa

For sponsorship opportunities, email PJeffre@S4KF.org.

Participating Schools

This year’s event featured talent students from the following schools:

  • Davis Elementary
  • Dorothy Thomas Exceptional Center
  • Mendez Exceptional Center
  • Simmons Exceptional Center
  • LaVoy Exceptional Center
  • Carver Exceptional Center
  • Lopez Exceptional Center
  • South County Career Center
  • Caminiti Exceptional Center
March Basketball 2021

Come Support Your Favorite Student & Community

Admission is free and open to the public!

Thursday, March 12, 2020 | 10:00am – 2:00pm

The University of Tampa
Bob Martinez Sports Center

400 North Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33060

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Student Requirements to Participate

To qualify for the event, students must demonstrate perfect behavior and follow strict standards for school attendance and grades. Our participants work hard to be here, so join us as we celebrate during this transformational and life-changing event!

Check out photos and videos from previous events!

2020 Leonard Shearer March Madness Youth Basketball Event

The 27th Annual Leonard Shearer March Madness Youth Basketball Event was a BLAST! Thanks to everyone who came together to make this a very special year!

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